Perfect Plants For Sunrooms

Sunrooms are the best for getting as close to nature as possible while you’re in your house. Therefore, when you’re hiring sunroom contractors in Pleasanton, CA, you can get your sunroom made in a plant-friendly manner. In this article, let us have a look at some of the best plants you can populate your sunroom with.


Hibiscus is a beautiful flowering plant you can plant in your sunroom to get a beautiful pop of color in your sunroom. They can grow in small planters and containers and require tight fit soil with free drainage.


Orchids are generally through to be hard-to-maintain plants. However, that is not the case. As long as they get plenty of humidity and sunlight, they can grow correctly in a sunroom.


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Passionflowers cannot survive the outdoor winter weather in America. However, if you plant them in oversized pots, they can grow well in the sunroom environment. They are best for providing a beautiful, strong floral fragrance to sunrooms while being aesthetically pleasing.

Boston ferns

Boston ferns will grow just about anywhere as long as they have enough soil and humidity. If you keep spray bottles handy in your sunroom, you can easily allow them to grow perfectly even through the dry summer months. These green hanging plants are perfect for making your sunroom look beautiful.

African violet

African violets are incredibly low-maintenance, and they thrive in indoor light. Since they prefer growing at room temperature, growing them in sunrooms makes perfect sense. As long as you’re comfortable in your environment, your African violets will be too and will bring out a purple pop in the surroundings.


There’s nothing as refreshing as growing plants in a sunroom. As long as you take good care of them and prevent them from batching bugs, plants are perfect for adding relaxation, aesthetics, and aroma to your sunroom.